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The Inertia

A Hawaiian sunset cruise sounds like a romantic kind of thing perfect for an idyllic honeymoon. That is unless there’s swell filling in.

Such was the case recently off Oahu’s south shore when a charter boat full of tourists headed back for the harbor at Ala Moana, taking a well-overhead set on the head, er stern, in the process.

“The boat’s gonna capsize, bra,” says the cameraman documenting the ordeal. “Bra, that boat’s gonna go,” he continues.


Thankfully, the captain of the vessel expertly and miraculously avoids calamity by catching a second wave through. But, man if this video doesn’t make you hold your breath for a minute.

We’d bet that more than one patron offered to buy their captain a beer after this. And if they didn’t, they should’ve.



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