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Photo: National Geographic

Photo: National Geographic

The Inertia

Why tell stories to people, when you can let people walk through them — as if they were there? That pretty much sums up what I do, as a pioneer within immersive storytelling. I’m passionate about engaging people in important stories, letting them experience situations they would probably not if it weren’t for journalism. I want people to feel.

In this first episode, I’m telling you all about how I got hooked on the power of photography, and why I started working with it. I also tell you about why I feel there is a need for more immersive and interactive forms of storytelling. I introduce you to my concept of 360-stories, that are almost game-like experiences of journalism.

But most of all I tell you about the start of the project Son Doong 360, my interactive story from the world’s largest cave that was just published by National Geographic.


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