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Needless to say, we’re pretty big fans of Caroline Gleich. Our friend Shelby Stanger recently did an interview with the accomplished ski mountaineer and the girl is a stellar athlete. Case in point, aside from being a fantastic skier, she’s also a paddler, having entered and placed in multiple SUP races. But her focus is definitely in the mountains: She recently became the first woman to ski all 90 lines in Andrew McLean’s iconic book, The Chuting Gallery, a guide to the gnarliest lines in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

For some reason, people don’t agree with us (haters gonna hate). As you can see in the film, Gleich has taken a ton of serious, verbal beatdowns on social media, and even on her voicemail. But she uses the criticism as motivation (who wouldn’t want to shove it in people’s face after some of the backlash). She wasn’t afraid to speak up about the harassment, either. Check out this flick Gleich made in partnership with REI. You might consider yourself a fan after watching.


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