Senior Gear Editor

The Inertia

Pro Snowboarder Marcus Kleveland is 22, has four X Games gold medals to his name and keys to the lift at his local ski park, conveniently located just a hop skip and a scooter ride away from his house in Dombås, Norway. Ride the lift up, hit a few features on the way back down, take a 300-meter ride through the trees, and you’re back in Marcus’ backyard, which currently holds the trampoline where he’s learned all of his tricks. When there’s more snow on the ground, Marcus builds kickers and rails out of PVC pipe, because the only thing better than a world-class park steps away from your backyard, is a mini park in your backyard.

In this latest episode of Backyards from Red Bull, follow along as Marcus takes us on a tour of his little slice of snowboard heaven, and get some insight into the area that shaped one of the world’s best – and most athletic – snowboarders.


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