The Inertia

I AM THIS is a short experimental nature film that seeks to show our connection to everything around us.

Growing up shooting surfing, I’ve always leaned on the beauty of the ocean but I wanted to challenge myself to make a film that communicates what the ocean gives me with other visuals. The narration was written with help from surfer/astrophysicist Jon Swift, the soundtrack was composed by Mileece I’Anson, who used electrical currents from plants and turned them into sound, and the film was supported by Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Instead of using CGI, everything was made by combining naturally captured elements; nebulas were re-created using inks, lightning bolts and water were re-created by slicing and running electricity through wood to illustrate our connection to all that surrounds us. It’s a short version of a film that I’ll be making and touring across the country in a mobile geodesic planetarium this year starting in Austin, Texas at Native Hostel April 11th-22nd.


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