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The Inertia

You’ve got ’em. Friends that are more into skiing and snowboarding for the aprés in the lodge than scoring first tracks in chest deep powder. There’s a reason they call it the aprés and not the avant, or even durant. For the non-Francoparlants among us that’s “after” and not the “before” or even “during.” Getting drunk and learning to snowboard makes a difficult enterprise even more difficult. Case in point, this hilarious little video out of Scotland.

In it, Alexander MacFarlane, 42, and friends have serious difficulty figuring out how to hold the rope tow and get pulled up the mountain successfully. At one point, Alex (aka “Zander”) flips on his back and in a moment of unbridled determination hangs on for dear life getting pulled up the mountain upside down. Tony Galloway, 32, films the ordeal dying laughing. And like all things, the video is made even funnier with an amazing laugh – which is what Tony’s got. The video has racked up just shy of 3 million views on Facebook.


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