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The Inertia

“I’m hyper aware of the risks involved. It really takes one error and you’re done. So you have to make the choice every time you step up to the ledge.” – Andy Stumpf

And there was a reason to this aside from personal accomplishment — Andy Stumpf had a goal to raise funds ($1 million to be exact) and awareness for the families of fallen Navy SEALs through the Navy SEAL FoundationHooyah!

“You don’t see many people lining up to do this because it’s dangerous,” explains BASE jumper Miles Daisher. “There are so many factors that are going on. To go up that high in altitude…you’re going into a place where people don’t survive.”

Andy goes on to describe the sensation rather ominously: “Every foot you get higher, things just start kind of collapsing in on you.”

Basically, he is going into no man’s land where if something happens, it becomes a matter of how long you’re able to hold your breath. But for him, those risks pale in comparison to the cause he is flying for.

“At some point in time in everybody’s life, you need to find something that you’re willing to fight for,” Andy concludes. “And if you’re willing to fight for it, that probably means you’re willing to die.”

To support Andy Stumpf in his goal to raise $1 million, visit his gofundme page.

For more information on the Navy SEAL Foundation, head on over to their website.


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