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Ah, there it is! Screenshot: YouTube

Ah, there it is! Screenshot: YouTube

The Inertia

GoPros are designed to endure some abuse, but this doesn’t seem like your normal wear and tear. Beau Ouimette found this camera after 17 months of it tumbling around the bottom of a riverbed. He knows it’s been 17 months due to a time stamp on the footage but any specific location hasn’t been released.

The majority of the video below (edited) chronicles this poor yet resilient machine’s journey downstream – its last breaths of life – after falling off the head of a white-water rafter whose vessel capsized. Now, Ouimette has taken to his YouTube page to offer it back to its owner free of charge. All he asks is for the owner to send him a selfie so he can match it with one taken on the device. Unfortunately, he did not include the selfie in this clip, so if you have any particulars, you may contact him through his page.

Luckily for people who lose things in the wild, Ouimette is there to search the bodies of water around him. He does this quite often and one look at the lengthy comments section of this video shows he has found quite a few lost possessions over the years. A little combing through and it seems he’s not a stranger to the waters around Northern California, though nowhere specific has been divulged.

After nearly a year and a half of sitting at the bottom of this river, it’s clear GoPros don’t suffer from a lack of durability nor water-tight cases. To whoever lost their GoPro, here’s hoping you get it back. That’d be an expensive mistake.


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