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Meet Deep Blue, a massive female great white shark that is likely the largest ever filmed. As we sit here with our mouths and eyes wide open, we can’t fathom to understand what it was like to see this amazing creature in person. Among all cursing and exclamations of astonishment, one crew member cried out, “That has to be the biggest shark I have ever seen in my entire life!” Another said, “Holy f*ck, she’s like a jumbo jet!” Luckily, they got it all on film for everyone to enjoy.

This shark isn’t exactly the longest ever recorded, but it was perhaps one of the most massive great whites ever filmed, as its belly fully of babies made it out to be much larger than most sharks of its length. Either way, this video is amazing. Share this with a friend who loves, or is afraid of sharks. They’ll certainly get a kick out of it.


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