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Sharks are badly maligned creatures. Despite their importance to the oceanic ecosystem and decades of research proving that shark attacks really are rarities, there are still a whole lot of people who want them dead. There are also people who are just generally unaware of the impact that humans can have (and are having) on the environment and the animals that call it home (and that includes us). Recently, Carlos Gauna, who runs a YouTube channel called The Malibu Artist, caught some pretty horrifying footage of an example of that impact.

“This is footage of an injured juvenile great white shark I discovered during a routine shark monitoring flight,” Guana wrote. “The apparent injury is likely from a boat prop strike. The left pectoral fin is severely damaged. Pectoral fins are located behind the head and extend outwards. These fins are used for steering during swimming and help to provide the shark with lift, a key component in capturing prey… Please respect their space. It’s their home, and it’s the only one they have.”

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