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The Inertia

Carlos Gauna spends a lot of his time flying a drone above the California coastline. It’s a haven for juvenile great white sharks, as you likely know, but they’re rarely a danger to humans. As they age, they head into deeper waters.

November is generally when most white sharks leave, however, so Gauna’s filming slows down a bit. But there are still a few that stay behind to enjoy the colder, less crowded waters, and in this week’s great white shark observation, Gauna finds a few of them. He records some interesting interactions — first, a great white tries to get the jump on a pair of birds that are a little too quick for him, and second, the sharks appear to flee from the shadow of his drone before doubling back to get behind it.

See more amazing shark footage on Gauna’s YouTube channel, The Malibu Artist.


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