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A few days ago, we stumbled across a drone video from The Malibu Arist. It showed a pair of great white sharks feasting on a dolphin, and while it was grim, it was a fascinating look at shark behavior in the wild. A common refrain when posting videos of sharks doing shark things is that yes, “sharks are in the ocean. Big surprise.” And most of the time, they do nothing. They cruise by like silent missiles, undetected and stealthy, while we flail away on the surface attempting to have fun.

Well, the Malibu Artist, who goes by Carlos G., has been filming the California coastline with his drone for quite some time.

“These are a few clips from the past few weeks,” he wrote on YouTube. “As you can see, the great white sharks seem to be very comfortable along the coast right now. Most often they are curious to find surfers and kayaks nearby. The kayak and surfer footage is a typical encounter. They are typically curious to check out the subjects and then flee.”

While it might be tempting to get a look at one of these creatures, it’s not a good idea to go hunting for one. “The folks on kayaks/boats should avoid ‘chasing’ sharks,” Carlos G. continued. “Similar to whale watching, cutting the path of a natural animal’s movement is not recommended.”

See more from The Malibu Artist on Instagram.


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