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The Inertia

“When I’m out in the mountains with my friends and my family — that’s what perfect living to me is.” – Bryan Iguchi

It has been over twenty years. Twenty years. Yep, Bryan Iguchi has been a snowboarder longer than most kids lapping the park (for which they should be thankful to Bryan) have been alive. The man is legend… not a legend, but legend itself.

While there is an unmistakable sagacity emanating from the master, there is also this youthful enthusiasm gleaming from his perceptive eyes behind weathered lines of years on the mountain. And that is where the pioneer’s priorities lie — in the mountains. In fact, his career and now life has always been less about snowboarding and more about being in the mountains. Sure there were commitments and obligations made to the sport he loves and brands he admires (that have, in turn, supported him), but he remained continually impassioned by his pursuits because what his life in the mountains had afforded him and his family.


Thus, these days, his thoughts are heavy with paying mind to the sustainability of it all, for him personally as well as people collectively. Exploration and, moreover, discovery have taken him further than the skateboarder from Los Angeles might have ever imagined. And now he sees a similar motivation to explore and discover in his son; of course he wants to ensure the sustainability of it all, as should each and everyone of us as well.

For Bryan Iguchi, life is about love. Love for the mountains. Love for family. Love for riding.

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