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“I wasn’t born into the Brady Bunch, cuz.” That’s how Makua Rothman sums up what it’s like to be “Eddie’s son” in one sentence. And that’s the kind of candid demeanor you get from Makua that most professional athletes won’t bare. He has no qualms with walking right up to you and introducing himself. And he doesn’t do it in a way that suggests he expects you to already know who he is. He literally steals the show wherever he is, which is appropriate considering the setting of our little sit down chat at the RVCA store in Los Angeles.

Some producers from a Hollywood entertainment news network are in the room to interview Rothman as well, and he’s leading their cameras around the room like he’s hosting their newest show. To top it off, later in the day Makua and his troupe will head to a taping of American Idol. So this is basically about as Hollywood as a day gets in the surf world. He even has his own clothing line ready to launch with RVCA. He pulls out his ukelele from time to time, showing off his musical chops and chatting about his future in that realm. This is a busy man before you even scratch the surface of his place in the big wave surfing world – right at the the top. But Makua’s just doing Makua. He picks out a button up shirt and asks if he should wear it to the evening’s taping. “Nah, forget it brah. I’m not trying to impress anybody I’m just me. I’m keeping the t-shirt”

Talking story with the Crown Prince of Hawaii, Makua Rothman. Enjoy. -Juan 


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