The Inertia

The mountain life exonerates that sweet smell of satisfaction. While the city streets are bustling and hustling, mountain folk are busy deciding which slopes to ride, how to go about polishing up those goggle tans, and the best way to showcase that super slappy 180 dipstick extreme spin to all those chairlift riders. It isn’t easy to be a true ski bum and this year many folks on the west coast are pulling their hair at the depressing lack of snow stash that has yet to grace us with its presence.

As much as we can revel at the gorgeousness of mountains, they just seem to look much better with copious amounts of snow blanketing them. The good folks at Flylow and Scott demonstrate to us in this video the how-to steps of living in a mountain town. As ridiculous as it may seem, the video is rather spot on. Some things never change.



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