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Sharks are in the ocean. We all know that. Sharks gotta eat too, and eat they do. But even though we all know that, it’s a little jarring to see just HOW they eat when there’s a giant whale carcass floating around with all its delicious blubber and meat.

“WARNING!” wrote Laurie Towner on Instagram. “Do not surf the point or anywhere around home right now. Just had an epic experience watching a couple decent sized whites chopping into this whale that jut missed washing up on the point just now! Amazing to watch.”


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And he’s right. It is amazing to watch. And that dead whale’s gotta go somewhere, after all. Circle of life and all that. It’s just a little unnerving when you see first hand what a shark is capable of getting rid of. Laurie, along with his brother Hughie, pulled out their phones and filmed it for us.


“The ocean is alive today!,” Hughie wrote. “2 Great White sharks and 2 Tiger sharks feasting on this dead whale off back beach Angourie…”


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