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The Inertia

Swedish Elkhound, known in Northern Europe as the Jämthund, are among the most loyal hunting dogs around. And while they are incredibly affectionate towards their family, they are incredibly dominant towards other domestic dogs — Swedish Elkhound generally have a strong predatory instinct. But wild wolves are not “other domestic dogs.” So when Klara, a four-year-old Swedish Elkhound, was surrounded then stalked by two wild wolves, she quickly became prey. Fortunately, Klara (then hunting moose in Värmland County, Sweden) wore a protective vest which ultimately saved the domestic dog from succumbing to the brutal 10-minute onslaught shown above; Klara survived.

Why are we showing this? Because this animal behavior is not only fascinating, but as more and more of us venture deeper and deeper into the woods, it is better that we are fully aware of the potential scenarios we might find ourselves in, especially as we continually encroach upon their land and their homes. Stay vigilant out there.


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