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The Inertia

Never have I ever… ducked a rope at a resort. Ok, everyone drink. We all know we’re not supposed to, but most everyone’s done it before, with varying amounts of success. I’ve never had a pass pulled as a result, but if such a thing did happen to me, I doubt I’d be bold enough to hop on the next chair up the mountain. Then again, I’m not these guys. Not only do they keep skiing, but they even tell the lifties their story as they hop on the chair. Bold moves. But when you’ve been on the mountain for as long as these two friends, it’s going to take a bit more than a good ol’ fashioned pass pulling to ruin your day. While we can’t condone such actions, you gotta give these guys props for their “no-shits-given” attitudes and dedication to having fun. Skip to about 4:40 for the ski patrol confrontation.


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