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The Inertia

“One of the most important things in climbing is hanging on when you should be falling off.” – Sierra Blair Coyle

This is beautiful beyond words — the entire experience, from the person to the problem to the backdrop. Ashima Shiraishi once wrote on the Inertia Mountain of the first time she saw bouldering in Central Park of her native New York City: “it was as if they were dancing on the wall.” Here we see Sierra Blair Coyle dancing, at home in her environment, sending a route with an overlapping ease and technique as well as grit and determination.

At 21, the Arizona local has already overcome a potentially pursuit-ending obstacle in the way of a bulging and torn herniated disc when she was 16.


“What makes you better is what makes you soar,” she says.

What makes Sierra better, aside from mental fortitude to grow stronger through a back injury, is a training regimen the surrounds endurance in power. Then, when she is ready, she pushes her limits and explores new boundaries, as presented in The Moment by Vice Sports.


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