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Remember WaveJet? They were the ones with ads all over everything for a long time. They were also the ones that surfers collectively shit on for a long time. We actually went out and buzzed around a southern LA lineup for a while… and it was surprisingly fun. But it was fun in the same way cheating is fun–it’s only cool because you’re getting away with it. Other than that, it wasn’t all that hot. Of course, there were applications where it probably would come in handy. They’d be helpful for big wave surfing. Or in rescue situations. Or for people with spinal injuries. But for the everyday surfer just out for a few hours in the water? Not so much.

All that said, the video above has nothing to do with WaveJet, or surfing really. It does, however involve a jet, a board, and waves (sort of). And you can bet that next time you’re on a river, you’ll probably wish you could try one of these things out.


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