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When it comes right down to it, surfing and snowboarding are more similar than they are different. After all, the predecessor to the modern snowboard, the snurfer, took its name from surfing. Somewhere along the line, the two deviated. Being strapped in on a snowboard and being able to build stationary halfpipes, kickers, and handrails in the snow led the sport to progress in its own right. But the recent about-face and glorification of the simple act of turning among folks who look at a triple cork and say, “No thanks,” has rejuvenated that connection.

Jeremy Jones has made a living out of going Deeper, Further, and Higher than most big mountain riders – chasing lines from Alaska to the Himalayas. This short film, though, is different. It pulls back the curtain on Jones’ obsession with the pursuit of a feeling he calls ‘glide’ – the feeling that by and large birthed snowboarding out of surfing.

He traces his life’s passion back to two video parts – Tom Curren surfing J-Bay and Craig Kelly in P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape – and consults with surfboard shaper and fellow powder hound Chris Christenson to take the lessons learned in designing surfboards and trying to apply them in a snowboard.


Unquestionably, this little flick will make you want to ride powder pronto.

“Life of Glide” was produced by our pals at TGR.

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