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February began and world number four, Jordy Smith, and his then-girlfriend, Lyndall Jarvis, tied the knot. Congratulations to the happy couple on their lifelong journey. South African program, Top Billing, spoke with the bride and groom about their wedding, the immaculate setting, Jordy’s questionable proposal and how the two met. We wish the newlyweds nothing but the best in married life.

Here are a few of the highlights as we saw them:

0:25 – Only twenty five seconds in and Lyndall’s honesty shines through. “I’d love to be a fly on the wall because I know they’re probably having a freak out ’cause it’s all surfers and they’ve never worn suits before.” Ain’t it the truth. A handful of South Africa’s surfing royalty managed to let the groom-to-be wear Converses to his own wedding.


1:10 – Lyndall confesses that when the two first met, Jordy “stalked” her. See, kids. Persistence pays off.

1:57 – “Whaaat?! J-Dawg’s got some skillz!”

2:49 – Jordy admits he dropped the wedding ring in the ocean mid-proposal, recovers it, puts it on the wrong finger, and still gets a “Yes.” Nice save, Jords.

5:10 – Nice suit! Ted Endo put it best, “Dress shoes aren’t that expensive.” This seems to be a theme with surfers when they get all fancy.

6:52 – Lyndall may always be right, but Jordy’s always the best.


7:07 – The whole thing ends with a couple cheesy surf clichés. Cute, guys.




Only the best. We promise.


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