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The Inertia

A long time ago, when traveling was a thing that people did, Kimi Werner went on a trip to Chile with a group of friends. There, they met a chef who needed an octopus to make a certain dish, and Kimi being Kimi, she said she’d go and find one. And Kimi being Kimi, she did. But that wasn’t all she found. Above, she tells the story of how that hunt for an octopus turned into a yellowtail hunt that fed the entire island community, and especially just how good a certain dish was. Cocimiento al Disco is a Chilean seafood stew that doesn’t have only one recipe. It’s a mashup of food from the sea and the mountains, and one of the main ingredients is the requirement that it’s made with love. With a little help from Ramon Navarro, Werner attempts to remake it… only Hawaiian-style. You can see a list of the ingredients she uses on her YouTube channel.

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