The Inertia

I would never want Dean Cummings as my ski guide. For all I know he just might jump off a 50 foot ledge leaving me and my friends at the top of the mountain.

Let’s face it, the guy’s a legend. At 49 years old he’s done it all. In 1995 he was crowned World Extreme Skiing Champion and now he’s “settling down” as a mountain guide and leader in avalanche education in Valdez, Alaska.

In this POV, Dean brings us along to Little Pontoon for the making of The Masquerade, a ski film set to be released in the fall. On his descent he takes a slight detour to show us what it feels like to drop 50 feet down an behemoth of a mountain. He’s also guiding professional free skiers Sean Pettit, Mark Abma, and Richard Permin.

If they choose to follow Dean’s path, they’ll be down the mountain in no time.

No turning back now...

No turning back now…


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