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Year-in and year-out, the Psicobloc Master Series is an awesome event.  Seriously… what is better than watching rock climbers scale a 55-foot wall and overhang with nothing in the way of protection but a 55-foot fall into a pool? Nothing, that’s what.

What exactly is Psicobloc? For those who don’t know, it is effectively deep water soloing, or freesoloing above a body of water, preferably deep – no place for hydrophobia here. Anyway, it is awesome.

And this year’s showcase proved to entertain the same, this time in Park City, Utah, above their Park City Olympic Pool, in stormy weather no less. In the end, Jimmy Webb took first while last year’s champion, Sean McColl, claimed.

In case you’re the type to watch the event in its entirety, here it is below.


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