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The Inertia

“I go to bed with the sun, and I wake up with it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to race time.” – Mike Basich

Mike Basich is the fucking man. Dude is all about employing what he has at disposal in his minimalistic approach to snowboarding that has rocked good and loud alongside the best (and rest) of them.



The most amazing narrative to come from his storied career is definitely the book he funded last year on Kickstarter — or at least the archives of photography the book was compiling.


Basically, wanting to take his career into his own hands, and in reaction to the lack of readily-accessible camera gear, he jerry-rigged GoPros before GoPros were even an inkling to the thought of the thing. We’re talking old clunkers precariously attached to metal pole contraptions then latched onto his person. Like a scene from a really early draft of Final Destination when it was being workshopped in the nineties (if it was being workshopped in the nineties). Additionally, he would set up cams in ideal spots as only the pros would know to do and capture angles/perspectives never before seen, triggering the shot by remote.




In doing all this, he became not only his own cameraman and videographer, but an innovator in that space as well. Yep, that triumphant turn as one-man-method-machine definitely takes the cake.


But this DIY cabin in which homeboy goes off the grid to only-god-knows-where isn’t half bad, either. (Who am I kidding — this is fucking awesome, which makes sense, because he is the fucking man.) Man really made good with 40 acres of Truckee real estate.

While the dude’s awesome digs have made it into the news cycle a couple times now over the last few years, this “new” look we have by way of Seeker Stories offers a more comprehensive tour that really highlights all the features and shines a spot on the humanizing, personal aspects of the log cabin outpost.



I mean, it looks like the interior designer stepped out of the goddamn Shire… and that DOG!!! I WANT THE DOG!!!

That view though.


Imagine waking up to that every morning. Puts the high rises around you into perspective, doesn’t it?

Before I let you go to soak this badass-ery in, quickly back to his career: kid had epilepsy; overcame said epilepsy and the side effects/obstacles it presented to rip every square inch of the god damn mountain, notching umpteen titles, official and otherwise, as a true do-all shredder. And that was only step one on this long journey he has taken. Man really walked the walk. Now you get the pleasure of listening to him talk the talk.


Biggest takeaway in the way of words of wisdom? No toilet, but porch addition for the hot tub.


Priorities, man — it’s all about priorities.

Did I mention that he built a low-impact chairlift effectively with a handful of friends and half dozen hammers? And that the cabin is (rather obviously) ski-in ski-out? Yep, there is ALSO that.




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