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Ever wonder how the world’s top snowboarders get ready for the winter season? Running trails, smashing weights in the gym, and hot yoga are just a few of the things not in Zak Hale’s preseason regimen. What does the Big Bear, Calif.-native do to get his legs under him? Snowboard. Jib with friends. Ride man-made snow. Anything to get familiar with his board again.

As he explains in this well crafted day-in-the-life-style edit, Hale’s snowboarding has been shaped by the mountains of Southern California and, more recently, Utah. His riding approach is similar to a surfer’s approach to a wave: “I don’t stop. Surfing down a wave into a turn; you don’t just ride the white wash out, you keep your line going then paddle back out,” he explains.

It just goes to show that even for one of the best street riders in the game, it all comes back to reps. Being out there. And we get to learn more about his life and where he’s going with his riding.  So relax, maybe take a few notes, and enjoy.


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