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“After too many days of dreaming during Covid lockdown,” says Nick Cahill, “I decided it was time to attempt a feat far greater than anything I’d done before – climb as many volcanoes as I could along what is known as the “Ring of Fire” in 30 days, and snowboard down them.”

Nick’s done some pretty crazy things in his life, including landing the cover of National Geographic, so upping his own ante really means something. Nick teamed up with fellow filmmaker and photographer Danny Kern, as well as professional guide Tailer Spinney to help keep them safe in glaciated terrain, and they set out in Nick’s converted 1988 school bus with film and adventure equipment in tow. The result is an eight-part documentary series, following Nick and company as they tackle 12 North American volcanoes, climbing 65,000 vertical feet in the process, and snowboarding back down.

Shasta, looking fine

Shasta, looking damn fine. Photo: Nick Cahill

Above, is Episode 1, where Nick and the crew tackle California’s volcanic mountains – Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta – the two southernmost volcanoes in the Cascade Range. “We hope our journey inspires others to live in the moment, conquer challenges, get out there and go for the top!” says Nick.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be dropping the rest of the episodes on a bi-weekly basis, exclusively here on The Inertia.

Lassen Backcountry snowboard

Lassen provided good conditions, and a learning experience. Photo: Danny Kern


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