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Garrett Warnick likes to snowboard. A lot. and right now it looks as though he’s snowboarding around Bariloche in Argentina and having the time of his life (check out the cazy good conditions on his page). In this instance, things might have gotten a little out of hand. Garrett goes for multiple spins in front of his buddy Matias Radaelli, and very nearly takes his head off. But sounds like it all ended well this time.

Garrett is a really good follow. He mixes the line between splitboarding and freestyle snowboarding, and makes the backcountry look so fun. He’s currently partnering with Iñaki Odriozola to create a webseries about their shared love of alpinism and straight-up shredding. The duo have a kickstarter going to fund the series, with a nifty video explaining the project. You can see that here.


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