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If you’ve spent any time at all beneath the ocean surface off the coast of California, you know that it’s full of life. Huge kelp beds loaded with fish, rays lying in the sand, whales at the right time of year, and of course, sharks.

Carlos Gauna, known on YouTube as The Malibu Artist, spends a lot of time searching for sharks. Great whites are what he’s most interested in, and he finds a surprising number of them swimming harmlessly around off a very busy coastline. In the course of his searches, he’s seen many interesting things — and they’re not always shark-related.

Take, for example, what he recorded on this particular trip. Guana, after following a pair of dolphins, saw something he’s never seen before: bottlenose dolphins mating. “Dolphins have no real mating season,” he explains. “In fact, male and female bottlenose dolphins have multiple mates in any given year.”


Not only did he find dolphins, Guana also found a large group of leopard sharks. He says that they often can be found near great whites. Then, with the use of infrared, he captured a group of great white sharks converging on a group of stingrays just after the sun went down. It’s stunning footage that is an interesting look into the life of a creature we often fear, but likely don’t need to.

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