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Remember Grizzly Man? That mid-2000s film that featured Timothy Treadwell’s interactions with bears before he died in a bear attack? There is an easier way to get the low-down on grizzly bear daily life: a robot bear cub.

The clip you see above is from a show called Spy in the Wild. In it, “over 50 ultra-realistic animatronic Spy Creatures to go undercover across every region of the world. The 4 x 60, BBC One series captures some of the most extraordinary animal behavior ever seen, filmed from inside the animal world.”

The robot spy bear cub heads to Alaska to join up with a pack of real grizzlies and surprisingly seems to pass the mother bear’s sniff-test. Along with a robotic spy eagle (yes, a freaking robotic spy eagle) and some very good camera work, the BBC series captures some truly stunning footage of grizzlies in the wild.


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