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This is 13 days around Iceland. Basically two weeks. Not too much time in the larger scheme of things. A small corner in the big picture, so to speak. But the endless horizons offer a lifetime in the way of natural beauty, the kind that makes you not only happy but grateful to have seen even a glimpse of it — a gale of devastatingly gorgeous Earthly portraitures captured in each and every frame.

Photographer Xavier Portela took to the breathtaking country on a 13-day roadtrip beginning at the start of March, witnessing the stunning transformation from winter to spring, providing a lookbook of diverse inter-seasonal landscapes. And he expanded on the video on his website, Compulsive Photography, including a collection of equally devastating and equally gorgeous photographs.





Thank you, Xavier, for this this awe-inspiring glimpse.

See more of Iceland through the lens of Xavier Portela over on his website, Compulsive Photography. And don’t forget to check out his Vimeo page.

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