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Bobby Brown is something of an enigma. He is one of the most progressive freeskiers in the history of freeskiing — that much is undeniable. And he has had a couple of competitive performances that have, quite frankly, been that standard for freeskiing since. Consider his two X Games gold medals in the same year back in 2010; that was a gamechanger for his entire sport. Yet aside from brief appearances in 2012 and again in 2015, he has stayed off the podium, plagued by injuries or simply underperforming. His competitive streak is full of ups and downs, inconsistent to say the least. Even he would admit to that. But therein his inconsistencies end. When it comes to park edits, short or otherwise, the kid is king.

And that is what we here at The Inertia Mountain love about him: his indomitable spirit that keeps must-see edit after must-see edit coming. Not too long ago, he shared One Run.


The premise is simple enough: one run at his home mountain of Breckenridge. And it features not only his technical abilities, but also exhibits an outsized confidence coupled with the sort of effortless grace reserved for big-budget Hollywood productions with countless takes to get one single shot, skills that are more or less unparalleled among his contemporaries, as is his style.

Ballistic offers more of that outsized confidence and effortless grace, except rather than that one run, we are offered up a barrage of hits, cut back-to-back-to-back. There is an aggressiveness which (whether he means for it to or not) proclaims: I’m not going anywhere.


However, all that being said, let us not define Bobby Brown as the king of park edits, or even an inconsistent competitor. Instead let us just be thankful that he for his proficiency, enjoy these edits, and attempt to have as much fun as he very obviously is.




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