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The Inertia

Paul was a dreamer. He wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail. He shined his old hiking boots in preparation for his journey. But, unfortunately, Paul passed before he could make it a reality.

His wife M’Lynn later put out a public plea: would hikers be willing to carry Paul’s boots with them as they trekked the Appalachian Trail in homage to her late husband? The hiking community overwhelmingly responded, and a contingent of dedicated backpackers decided they’d sling the extra weight on their backs to help Paul’s boots complete the journey he’d always dreamed of.

This film isn’t short. At 37-minutes, it’s probably longer than the time you have at this very moment. It was for me. I waited hours until I got home, sat in silence and decided to play it. No distractions.

It was worth it.


Each hiker’s individual vignette examines their tragic flaw, the human struggle they’ve overcome to find themselves on the Appalachian Trail, Paul’s boots in tow. It’s a story of redemption, foolhardiness, and pursuing a dream with reckless abandon. It’s also incredible to see how one man’s dream that remained un-achieved inspired so many others to chase their own.

So do what you have to. Bookmark this video, set a reminder for when you have more time. This is a film worth watching. Who knows. It may push you to chase your own dreams. As soon as possible.

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