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You may have heard of the Flying Frenchies. They’re an interesting group–in short, they like to do things that could kill them. Last year, Red Bull put together a short clip about their antics on a surfboard attached to a zip line. Now, it looks as though they’ve got a 52-minute documentary called “Surf the Line” coming out about their madness, which includes a whole lot of feathers, makeup, and strange outfits.

“The Flying Frenchies are a group of buddies who like to do aerial activities,” Anicet Leone, one of the guys behind the zip line idea, told Red Bull. “The core is composed of five to six people who do BASE-jumping, mountaineering, climbing, alpinism, speed riding – pretty much all the sports that include flying, climbing and the mountains. But we’re also artists, comedians, clowns, acrobats and musicians. It’s a big mix of it all.”

The zip line they installed in the Vercors mountain range is nearly 2,000 feet high, and they use it for everything from surfboards to a place to hang out and jam together. They’re a little more than just thrill-seekers, though. The Flying Frenchies are dreamers, and they’ve got big dreams. “Our wish is to turn the values of the profit-driven society upside down to replace them with the beauty of the non-useful, to give a sense to our lives, beyond what is expected,” Leone continued. “We want our lives to be a music that leads us through our hearts. We want to be open to the unknown and to the wish to discover the world, as much outside than inside of us. We are clowns, gentle fools and we throw ourselves in the empty spaces, surfing the air to provoke and to be seen, representing the atypical dreamers’ minority.”


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