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The Inertia

Water is a strange thing, isn’t it? Room temperature, and it’s liquid. Below freezing and it’s solid. Heat it up, and it’s gas. And, with the exception of the gas, we’ve learned ways to play in it, no matter what state it’s in. Kayaking, however, is usually reserved for the liquid state, but who ever said that’s a hard and fast rule? No one, that’s who.

Enter Spanish kayaker Aniol Serrasolses. He took a kayak up to a volcano summit in Chile, then got in and sent it as fast as one can go on a kayak in the snow. All in all, he went more than 15 miles down and hit speeds of over 60 mph. Oh, and to add a little cherry on the sundae, he did the world’s first (we think) double kick flip on a kayak off a waterfall. All in a day’s work, right?

From snowy mountain through dense jungle and finally into a river where a kayak generally lives, Serrasoles’ line is similar to something that Candide Thovex might do. And we’re here for it, that’s for sure.


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