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It’s been an interesting season in the mountains to say the least. The West saw a massive December powder dump followed by the driest January and February in years. According to our friends on the right coast, the East actually experienced a good season of snow (a.k.a. not ice). In April, I found myself packing my storm skiing gear rather than spring skiing outfits when heading to the mountains.

April powder is always a bit of a novelty. It’s often a decent bit heavier than mid-season powder. There’s usually less of it and whatever is underneath is undoubtedly rock-solid. Well, if you brought those expectations with you to Montana this April, in all likelihood, you were pleasantly surprised. At Big Sky, the season ended with two feet of real powder, as you can see in the video above, which is a tribute to the awesome spring this year in the West. The team at Skylab Media House tagged it Here, Now & Pow. Fitting.


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