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Remember last year when German surfer Janni Honscheid bared all (well, most) for Playboy? Maybe you don’t. You just read it for the articles, after all. Well, surfing is gracing Hef’s glossy pages again. This time, it’s Tia Blanco, who you may or may not have heard of, depending on how much you’ve heard.

Speaking of Janni Honscheid, she’s one third of a pack of ripping, beautiful women that just so happened to do a trip to paradise. Another third of that was the one and only Keala Kennelly. You should read that story here, because it’s good.
Anyway, back to the very important matter that Tia Blanco is in this video for Playboy. She keeps her clothes on, which is good for femininity and bad for the ones that buy Playboy NOT for the articles.

Tia also just so happens to be the newest ISA gold medalist, which is really, really awesome. Much more awesome than not really doing much in a video for Playboy.


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