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This literally made me hold my breath. I had this overwhelming sensation that I was charging the line with him. Seriously. Not being facetious or even dramatic. Felt like I was: well, first and foremost a lot better than I actually am; but carving up that British Columbia powder and dropping ledges with the godhead himself.


And if I’m riding with Travis Rice, I’ve made it. So, vicariously through this drone footage, I’ve made it. No one will convince me otherwise. Basically, I’m now the best there never was. On a more genuine level, Matt Cook might deserve the most credit/applause/Instagram hearts here — that seamless follow was the reason I responded so viscerally to the 15-second edit. Seriously, 15 seconds of this has impacted me more that most or nearly all 10 to 20 to 30 to 60 minutes movies have.

As the legend alludes, old man winter may have left us westerners quite literally dry earlier in the season, the stingy curmudgeon is partially (minimally) making up for it with a couple spring storms. Here’s to him letting his guard down and keeping the flood gates open.

Additionally, I might have spoken too soon in proclaiming the Ultra HD Phantom Flex4k as dolly-ed by a drone as “the future.” To that, Travis Rice says fuck “the future.” In my mind, he was thinking something along these lines: I’m going to take this non-Ultra-HD-Phantom-Flex4k camera, attach it to a drone, and let my slaying of the ridge blast snowboard videography into warpspeed and send it well past the future into the fourth dimension where people like me, Jeremy Jones, Cody Townsend, and Candide Thovex kick back on the regular.


Update: The author previously misidentified the camerawork as being executed by drone — what an idiot. As you probably know by now, it is not. The camerawork is instead executed directly (with hands and everything!) by Matt Cook, which should garner him even more praise.


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