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The Inertia

Picture this: you wake up, brew some coffee, do a stretch or two, and then head to the pickup point. You meet a few of your good friends there, high-five each other, and breathe in the brisk morning air. Your skis or snowboard is dialed, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and above you towers a whole range of mountains with lines untouched just ripe for the picking. Then a helicopter lands in front of you. You turn your GoPro on, climb in under the spinning rotors, and the day begins. Soon, you’re cruising high above those mountains, staring down at perfect, untracked lines just waiting for you. Can you imagine?

That’s relatively normal for Travis Rice, Elena Hight, Torstein Horgmo, Chris Benchetler, Ted Ligety, Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Bobby Brown. In the freshly dropped edit you see above, they explore the best of what British Columbia’s backcountry has to offer — and it has a lot to offer. And what they do with said offering is pretty dang mindblowing.


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