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Snowdance. Link in bio.

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Let it be known that we don’t endorse riding in avalanche terrain without proper gear and knowledge. Let it also be known that we endorse fast, aggressive (see stylish) riding. The line between safety and aggression is a tough one to walk and this isn’t about judgment because we’re sure Rusty Ockenden knows what he’s doing in avy terrain. The point? We’re simply paying respect to this one, insane-looking line that Rusty laid down last year. And we’re not even sure it made the final cut of the Manboys latest release, Snowdance .

The film, carried by the Shredbots YouTube page (which, along with Manboys, is kicking out the most progressive edits in the sport, for free!) bills itself as a backcountry snowboarding movie, so sluff management is part of the game. Mr. Ockenden managed it as well as could possibly be expected. The film is absolutely worth your time, so we posted it below. As snow falls across the West, have a safe riding season out there, and may you always live to ride another day!

Go to Avalanche.org to find reports, safety classes, and other resources for backcountry riders.



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