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There are a lot of rad dads out there. But the pair featured here may just take the cake. The first, former pro, Steve Klassen, is the father of Kinsley (two when the video was shot), and owner of Wave Rave Snowboard Shop in Mammoth. And the second is Bob Carlson, father of Emma (four when the video was shot), and owner of Arbor Snowboards.

Here, they romp through Mammoth, and it looks like an absolute blast.

The pair are experienced snowboarders, to say the least. But for the girls, who can say they stomped a front board down a rail or a rodeo 540 before their third birthday? Kinsley can. Well, maybe.

In an interview with Transworld Snowboarding, Klassen said, “It should be obvious to serious snowboarders that there is some trick photography if you know what I mean. But hey, we just got Fox News to report it as entirely real. Us ‘rebel’ snowboarders get off on that kind of thing.”


So for anyone¬†about to make a call to Child Protective Services, don’t be so hasty. Sometimes you can’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Video by Wave Rave Snowboard Shop.

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