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A sit-skier or adaptive skier throwing air in a terrain park is a rare site. A sit-skier throwing a cork 720 is like seeing a yeti. That’s why Tanner Hall’s instagram blew up recently when he posted video of an adaptive skier doing just that. “My brotha @jayrawe1695 just sent me this clip of him doing the first ever cork 7 on a sit-ski and this shit got me so damn hyped and some serious inspiration as well,” he wrote.

Jay Rawe pulled the trick in the terrain park at Lake Tahoe’s Boreal Resort and was as stoked as the original “Ski Boss,” obviously. “After 2 years of dreaming about this trick I finally had the chance to throw it down,” he wrote. Rawe, originally a skydiver from Florida who moved to Idaho to learn to BASE jump with Miles Daisher, broke his back trying a tandem jump off the Perrin Bridge in Twin Falls. He suffered a burst fracture of his L1 vertebra. He wasn’t paralyzed, but he wasn’t the same and jumping didn’t carry the same thrill.

So Rawe has since thrown himself into sit-skiing, and the park seems to suit him well. Sit-skiers have been pushing the envelope for some time now. You may recall Trevor Kennison’s inspiring huck into Jackson Hole’s Corbet’s Couloir in 2018.


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