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Tanner Hall is, without a doubt, one of the greatest freeskiers of all time. And at 32, he’s also one of the sport’s best interviews. Thoughtful, reflective, honest, Hall was all of that in a recent interview with High Times magazine, a publication that covers everything marijuana. Hall reflects on his use of Mary-J after his famous “Chad’s Gap” incident in Little Cottonwood Canyon, where he came up short on the famous gap jump and broke both his ankles, as well as other injuries and how he used herb to get over an addiction to prescription pain meds. Hall also reminisces about his friend, the late CR Johnson. Only complaint with the HT interviewer? You gotta ask what happened to Hall’s lower teeth as we noticed he’s sporting a sizable space in his dentures. Is it a new, built-in roach clip or just further proof that Hall’s still going hard in the mountains?


  • Jay Dee

    That was cool. I remember that fall….the broke my ankles guy…that was intense.

  • Dave

    What a loser!!!

  • Forrest Gladding

    Mmmm. Alta says snowboarding is dangerous and should be banned, but it’s respected ski patrol is getting high. Sounds like Alta is about to have a PR problem on its hands.

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