11-Time WSL World Champion
Kelly Slater visits The Chia Company farm. Photo courtesy of The Chia Co.

Kelly Slater visits The Chia Company farm. Photo courtesy of The Chia Co.

The Inertia

It wasn’t until my early 20s that I became conscious of what I was eating. I often think how much better my teenage years would have been if I had a better diet. I never really drew the correlation between my diet and my health, but as I got older and started traveling and competing, I became really on top of my eating. I still make sure I read about different diets, foods and the effects they have on the body. As a professional athlete, you are always looking for that edge. You don’t ever want to have to question it. You want to do the work early and know that it is there.

I first seriously learned about nutrition when I bought a tape for $1 in a health food store called “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” It had all this stuff on it about the effects of food, degenerative diseases and lack of nutrients. It was the first time I truly realized that if you don’t have the right diet, it can cause so many problems. On top of that, in 2003, my father died of cancer and I’ve had a lot of friends who have been either sick or died from a lot of diseases. All those situations made me become passionate about my health and longevity and being careful of what I put in my body. I read the ingredient panel of everything I buy. I think it’s hugely important. I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to read them.

Eating clean to me means not eating too many different types of foods all at once. I also try and eat a wide variety of the same nutrient. For instance, if you are into eating protein, I don’t think you want to always eat the same protein. You want to vary the types of amino acids you are eating. I’ve been eating chia for a number of years, but last year I was working out with a friend in Hawaii who said you can soak chia in coconut water overnight and eat it for breakfast. He said it has all the essential fats (Omega 3) you need and the amino acids. So I started doing that, then added berries and some nuts. It has become a staple for me.

I think when you hear the word fat, people think it’ll make them fat. Americans have the lowest fat diets in the world and have the biggest and most obese people. There is a correlation between the two. People don’t realize the positive effects of healthy fats on your brain, digestion and joints. We have good fats too. People talk about coconuts and avocados being fatty. Avocados, coconuts, and chia seeds are natural foods. They just grow on the earth as they are. They’re unprocessed and they’re some of the healthiest foods in the world for you.

Food, for me, is about being able to know where it comes from. When I visited The Chia Company farms, I obviously learned a lot about the local area, the irrigation systems, the water, the wet and dry seasons, but for me it’s about the farmers and the passion the farmers have for the product. I really don’t like to work with things I’m not passionate about and that don’t have a place in my life. I don’t want to just stamp my name on things. I like to work with people who have similar visions to me.

  • Johnny Bee

    Do you eat meat, Mr Slater? I mean, except your opponents on the Tour.

    • The Source

      He sure does, but he is very particular about when, timing of the day, events, where the meat is coming from, what it consumed, the surrounding areas of where the meat originated, etc etc.

  • mict2000

    Obviously Mr. Slater knows what he is talking about. How he stays healthy at his age is absolutely amazing. I’d love to know his secret for keeping his back in one piece after all these years and poundings.

    • Hero

      Foundation Training. Check it out, it’s what Slate and lots of other pros use to keep their backs strong and flexible.

      • mict2000

        Thanks Hero, Ill check it. Aloha.

  • Captain Surf

    “I really don’t like to work with things I’m not passionate about and that don’t have a place in my life. I don’t want to just stamp my name on things. I like to work with people who have similar visions to me.”


    Its been made apparent Quiksilver is one of the worst offenders in the clothing industry when it comes to environmental and social issues and someone as well-informed and inquisitive as Kelly would know if this is true or not. I really want to be shown somehow that this is misinformation and for someone to convince me that Kelly isn’t just talking the same shit as any other paid clothes horse. Anybody?

    • Dharma Bum

      Quick, along with the other major brand companies are supporters and members of SIMA (surf industry manufacturer’s association). Fo years, SIMA has provided financial grants to non profit organization and NGOs that work to protect the environment, improve water quality, reduce ocean pollution, provide educational programs or defend beaches and other natural habitats from development. Hurley i believe is a principal sponsor of waves for water program around the world.

      Every year, the organizations who are recipients of the grants are announced in the SIMA Environmental Fund award. Google it. I think SIMA has given away millions for those who work towards environmental causes.

      Is there more we they can do, yes of course. But i like to think Quick and the others Oneil, Billa, Rip, do have a strong sense of social consciousness wherever they do business. Their livelihood is largely dependent on the welfare of the environment. Im confident Kelly is aware of this as well.

      • Captain Surf

        So they can do whatever they like to the environment if they come up with a nicely marketed program? Hurley is owned by Nike and contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs, are now world leaders in environmental and social (worker conditions, communities etc) responsibility. I was talking specifically about Quik (not Quick) who have recently come under fire for being terrible offenders in these areas. I was asking if anyone actually knew the truth (as opposed to some idiot who read a puff piece or press release from the industry). What I really want to know is if its true that Quiksilver sources over 90% of their cotton from Monsanto. Monsanto being an obviously unpopular corporation. Especially in Hawaii. Kelly is vocally opposed to Monsanto but when this Monsanto/Quiksilver connection is pointed out to him he makes not response.

        • I have the same questions as you, Captain.
          I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Slater has put the pressure in Quik to make some changes in how they source their cotton, and if they announce something about it this year. BUT! That’s pure speculation (and optimistic thinking).

        • Dharma Bum

          … It would be great if you could provide your basis for allegations against Quik, or for that matter Kelly. You appear to take his quotes out of context and casually link him to Monsanto.

          Wondering if you could perhaps demonstrate or link us to this evidence of 90%? Or is this something your pulling out of thin air?

          You see, it appears you are making accusations/allegation without basis, then asking aloud for someone out there to disprove a negative. Comes dangerously close to flawed strawman – since no one will be able to disprove the allegation.

          • Captain Surf

            The forum here is no longer letting me post links so do a Google search for “quiksilver and monsanto bedfellows” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. As far as taking his quotes out of context. I am making the assumption that his quote is applicable to the most important brand association in his life. Kelly is synonymous with Quiksilver. That’s not debatable. You should also look at the original link I posted and have a little poke around that site. So, if you knew anything other than the shiny surface of surf magazines and industry fluff you are fed, then you wouldn’t be so eager to defend Kelly here. That or you don’t really care and just want to correct someone on the internet.

          • Dharma Bum

            Bro – I did “poke around” your site.” I didn’t find your reference to 90%. And i did conduct a search for your Kelly link to Monsanto – which is found on a personal blog, not a periodical newspaper or peered reviewed journal or something more legit.

            In that blog, the author identifies a BBC story about issues in India. That story in itself is legit. No argument there. But the trouble starts when she draws a connection from a social crisis in India and then links it to Quiksilver – then uses the word “may be” and also declares “contention” about the “numbers.”

            Bro – don’t mean to sound arrogant here, but you need to begin referencing better sources. Not a left-of-center idealogue blogger with an ax to grind. You will never get an even-keeled perspective her.

          • Captain Surf

            So, you’re telling me I need to begin referencing better sources when my original post was an open question asking if anyone could provide me with some? Remember how I wrote “I really want to be shown somehow that this is misinformation”? That was a different way of saying, “Hey, I’ve read some things that have me very concerned but I’m not 100% on the sources so I’d like it if someone could help me out here.” You my friend are clearly a troll.

          • Dharma Bum

            … actually, you were not just asking an open question.

            You were smearing Kelly by repeating a false accusation that you read on some blog. And then you vilified a company by using a rhetorical device – asking others to disprove your 90% allegation – very much akin to the rhetoric one hears on Fox news.

          • Captain Surf

            Well Mr Bum, as it turns out, I’m an anon internet commenter and until Quik and Kelly become transparent about this issue (Kelly has been asked about this Monsanto/Quik link so he isn’t oblivious) I can and will ask whatever questions and repeat whatever accusations I like. Then I’ll ask more and when Cory makes more accusations I’ll re-post them and ask them to explain. Kelly/Quik put themselves directly in the spotlight (and as surfers, our faces) day in and day out. They make money from and affect the lifestyle I/we live so if people have questions they can and should feel completely fine asking them. Transparency is one of the major issues when it comes to supply chain scrutinisation these days. If you’re hiding something it’s not good most of the time. The old argument of keeping trade secrets no longer holds up. Also, there is probably not one person in the entire industry that can write as eloquently and adjudicate an argument as rationally as you can. Think of the surf industry as a bunch of politicians. Rational arguments are absolutely no match for their PR team. Your approach to this issue is admirable though I guess. Even though you do come across as an over-educated under-experienced academic.

          • Jeff Byrnes

            In Captain Surf’s defense, if Quik did use non-GMO, organics, and recycled materials predominantly, as well as manufacturing more product in the US, they would definitely include that info on the labels, packaging, and on their web sites and social media accounts. Everyone who does does. I’ve been surfing nearly my entire life, know quite a lot of people in the industry, and know that if Quik was really making serious efforts that information would be circulating in the proper circles. But it isn’t. The bottom line is that Quik and SIMA could be doing more – MUCH more – but are not. Patagonia shames every single other boarding brand by a considerable margin. My only beefs with Patagonia are that they make too much of their product overseas, ESPECIALLY at the price point they command. They also underpay too many of their employees; a company that makes such a big noise about social consciousness should be paying every single employee a livable wage, which the minimum clearly isn’t – at all. It has been proven time and again that you don’t have to outsource your manufacturing and you don’t have to pay unlivable wages to be a profitable business.

            And no lifestyle company should ever go public. Selling your ass to people who don’t have any connection to the life is not a good idea at all. It also isn’t necessary – unless you’re just greedy and want to hob-knob with Wall Street elites spewing gallows humor over martinis with leeches and parasites. Surfing, perhaps more than any other sport, is a community activity and the industry desperately needs to get back in touch with this fact. They owe it to surfing. So do we all.

      • Jeff Byrnes

        Until SIMA and it’s constituents unilaterally get behind and source non-GMO, organic, and recycled/repurposed materials, as well pulling operations from potential warehouse deathtraps abroad, your argument isn’t treading water, let alone shredding on it. They should also be making every effort to bring American and Australian manufacturing jobs back home. If American Apparel and Patagonia (among others, who put good conscience ahead of unnecessarily overinflated profit margins to appease the blood sucking shareholders’ myopic interests) can do it so can EVERY surf and boarding apparel company.

        There are no valid excuses to the contrary, just greed.

        For the record, I applaud the fact that Slater, more than 99.9% of pro surfers (and more than most surfers, period), is doing far more to push the sport and industry in a more conscionable direction. Change takes time and the more people that get on board the less time that takes.

        Cynics can go f–k themselves.

        • Captain Surf

          I just wish that included an open and transparent discussion. Imagine how amazing it’d be if Quik came out with a announcement that they were now working with Kelly to turn the company into an industry leader in all these areas!!. Now that’d be something. Things aren’t going great for them so why not try something different?

          • Jeff Byrnes

            This “something different” should be buoyed by what’s best for surfing and surfers, not how much they think they can impress multinational power brokeing parasites who put unnecessarily overinflated profits ahead of everything else.

            When will these guys learn that getting caught up in a pissing match only results in a lot of rank fluid?

            This era of planned obsolescence needs to come to a stop.

            But surfers and surf execs generally have ridiculous and narcissistic egos driven by a blind lust for instant gratification so I won’t be holding my breath on this one. If Quik and Billy go the way of Op and Hang Ten they will only have themselves to blame. Shameful.

      • erhose

        sorry to tell you guys that quiksilver is partner with monsanto… leading in producing bt cotton, which is basically as bad for nature as eating rubber for us

    • Bonkers Freckles

      How’s your carbon footprint going hunk,grow your own food by local,low no till agro ecological,get around bare footed and ride your own hand shaped wooden board that fell in the jungle,you don’t use reticulated water and have been making candles from you top bar bee hives for years.You create tonnes of compost from your neighborhood and share it with the crew………..It’s self deceiving fuckwits like you that are the problem,accept you are the problem and you don’t have to sound like whiny first world cock gobbler.

  • Karry Anderson

    go vegan get superpower just like i did. animals get their protein threw plants too, eat fruits, eat pommegranates, eat blueberrys, eat tofu, eat seitan, eat broccoli soup, eat tomatosoup, drink tomatjuice, eat bananabread, eat bananashake with ricemilk, drink matcha, eat kiwi, eat carrots, eat allmonds, eat melon, eat avocado, eat dried tomatos, eat antipasti! thats it

    • orrd

      It’s difficult to get the right types of nutrients without eating animal products since humans normally eat meat (humans are naturally omnivores, not herbivores, that’s why meat tastes good to us). You’ll need to take supplements, especially B-12, Omega-3, DHA, iron, and iodine. It’s healthier to get everything you need from a natural diet including meat, but if you feel a need to be vegan, you have to be careful that you aren’t seriously harming your health by choosing that route.

      • Ava Friedrich

        B-12 is not already existing in plants or animals. It’s a bacteria found in soil, water, and a process of fermentation inside stomachs, hence when an animal ingests soil from natural grazing (mostly from Cobalt soil), this is where the bacteria comes from. In many statements read, the animals in which we ingested are already deficient in B-12 (also a Colbalamin). The animal to be killed for our palette is injected with B-12 to increase its growth to be slaughtered earlier in its lifespan.

        Proof is also in the government: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/archive/agriculture-today-stories/ag-today-archives/april-2011/investigate-b12-and-cobalt-supplements

        In this case, humans alike can produce B12 through the plants we digest. And if herbivorous humans as a whole are “deficient” in B-12, then omnivorous humans would be as well if “livestock” was not injected.

    • Kara Hawthorn

      soy products and tofu are Very dangerous health hoax ….
      most genetically modified things on planet even “organic” ….. totally messes with your hormones actually reverses them!
      turns estrogen into testosterone for women and also test. into estrogen for men….. beware….. not to mention the main agric. reason they are cutting down
      the amazon jungle, to plant soy crops as cattle feed.
      as a side note minerals are the most crucial deficiency in our diet
      as the soil has been so demineralized…. liquid mineral supplements are V. important for this reason…. sometimes u feel an amazing immediate sense
      of mental clarity improvement after taking them.
      also an old Polynesian health tonic ” Noni ” juice is quite possibly
      one of the biggest health secrets in the world ….totally alkalines

  • dd

    Found this piece a little confusing tbh. Does he have a whole bowl of chia seeds every morning? That’s not really mixing nutrients like he states he likes to do?

    I guess he wouldn’t want to give his whole diet away to other competitors? Hopefully after he retires he will. It’d be interesting to see given how he’s surfing better than ever at the age of 42.

  • joe

    is he sponsored by the Chia company?

  • extremehealthradio

    As a huge fan of Kelly Slater this is so great to see. From what I understand he’s pretty switched on to health and natural living. I wish he’d talk about it more as I’d really like to see what he does on a daily basis.

    Great info!

  • Mario Pedro

    Kelly (or The source) how often do eat biodynamic products?

    • I doubt he knows, since not all biodynamically-grown foods are labeled as such. Biodynamic essentially just means, “the foods were tended to quite carefully.” The marrow crushed into cow-skulls and buried for months stuff is not especially important to the process. Most important is watching your plants and soils and tending to them.

      • Kara Hawthorn

        nah it doesn’t just mean that …. its actually based on a whole system of belief by a guy named rudolf steiner who was big into various ancient occult religious theories all combined into one “smoothie” if you will,
        called “anthroposophy” …. its basically a new age religion and the marrow cow stuff is based on astrology/ the moon phases / prayers of a sort / theories about supplementing the soil of which, there are many schools of thought and debate about among all farmers that do somewhat conflict with each other….. but yes, close observation / basic
        care of yr. plants is a key element of any gardener …

        btw also they run a bunch of very successful schools called the waldorf schools all over the world where they seem just very art and ” organic ” oriented but actually have some of the wildest theories about education you could imagine….. really is quite a fascinating investigation …..
        cause it hugely popular in us. + Europe esp. in germany….
        I personally think they def. have some decent ideas but overall find it very cult- like , secretive and way 2 trusting of Rudolf as almost an infallible guru type person…. ( happy experimenting 🙂

        • Yeah, I know. But thanks! I was just trying to break it down to its essence, from an outsiders standpoint. I’ve talked with winemakers who do not grow biodynamically, and none talk crap about it. They just say, “hey, whatever gets you to pay close attention to your crop.”

          • Kara Hawthorn

            well actually sounds like u were trying to avoid its essence which IS 100% religious at heart…..
            and sorry but yr. winemaker comment doesn’t make sense…..
            if they don’t know what its about either, why would or
            should they talk crap about it ?
            what good is paying close attention if yr. still ignorant
            of the history of something ?
            I am an organic farmer and have many farmer friends both into
            it and not ….also I used to work in their school system…..
            so I am very experienced.

          • Sorry, let me clarify (and I can’t tell if you simply misread my comment about the winemakers who DO NOT grow biodynamically). Some winemakers grow their grapes biodynamically. Some do not. If a winemaker does not, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t know what it’s about. Additionally, if they do not, they are still capable of checking out their neighbor’s biodynamically-grown grapes and chatting with that grower and learning about why they succeeded with their crop. The success might be due in greater part to “based on astrology/ the moon phases / prayers of a sort / theories about supplementing the soil” OR in greater part to “close observation and basic intuitive care of plants.” And I suspect that many non-biodynamic farmers would point to the latter as the most important factor. And that is the perspective I take. And I suspect that the biodynamic farmers would point to the entire process.

            I think it’s fantastic that you’re very experienced. Please note that in none of my responses have I disagreed with you or called anything you said into question. Well, except that I would say that the essence of biodynamic farming is farming.

          • Kara Hawthorn

            again I must say that it IS actually completely misleading to say that the essence of bio – dy. is merely innocent non religious “secular” observation… I AM completely dis agreeing with you and I bet I have much more experience since I worked for them at their schools in their garden in Hawaii where is tremendously popular among rich haole families…. but I had to quit ( ironically enough) over this very issue because they are extremely deceptive and secretive about their true full – on spiritual agenda both in the classroom + out and IN FACT if u actually researched Rudolf Steiners writing instead of drinking wine apparently lol , just kiddin….
            ….you would discover that its documented that he encourages his school teachers to be secretive ON PURPOSE…. because they ( outsiders to the cult of VERY specific beliefs ) would not
            “understand ” and we can achieve our “goals to convert
            them better this way”….for the record MANY many ex teachers and parents are denouncing it all over the internet as deceptive and I am passionate about it because Im a mom + I truly believe secrets hurt children…..esp. ones as weird as theirs ….if u read about them u would see what I mean 🙂

          • I believe you! Some of my childhood friends went to a Waldorf school (in santa barbara), and I went to some of their junior high dances. But through that I remained ignorant about the curriculum. My sister worked for a biodynamic winery, and they make killer wine.

            My experiences are more limited than yours, and that is why I’m taking a simple perspective. If a winemaker at a vineyard is using those methods, and no one else at the company follows it, and the winemaker isn’t pressing anyone to follow it, then really all they (and all I, as someone who drinks the wine) cares about is the quality of the product. This ignorance might be bothersome to someone like you who’s been in the thick of things (especially in a school setting). But to those of us who are not being affected by the religious aspects of it, it’s easy to say, “whatever helps the grapes grow, man.”

          • Kara Hawthorn

            cool thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂 all organic stuff tastes WAY better as a rule and esp. wine the difference is amazing but the thing is its not so simple as all that …..cause they are actually basically using pagan occult rituals >> magic << as an ingredient in their food / wine etc…. that stuff is like kind of a "good" (hopefully) voodoo if u will…. it does leave an impression, a VIBE on the food … otherwise why would they bother to do it at all? just to kill time? cause they're bored? NO — prayers are done for one reason only in any religion and that's to STRENGTHEN the religion + its particular values in the world…. influence people in subtle + sub- conscious ways…. BUT …… if you don't even know what the hell those values are in the first place than u are left basically psychically vulnerable to unsolicited influence and that is very UNFAIR + unethical….. ( its also for example what the Hare Krishna people do when they chant over their food and then " compassionately" give it out for free …. no, not quite! they are sneakily recruiting people cause they know there is always an influence that way…. that's why your moms food always tastes best – cause its usually the only kind that's truly made with unconditional love! )
            SO many people are demanding that they come clean and admit they are really a religion , for this and many other examples inside the classroom that im afraid are creepy at best if u go down that rabbit hole….+ they are getting huge tax breaks by pretending to not be a religion and that is also immoral….. but hey, all the best 2 you, as u seem sincere:)

  • “I’ve been eating chia for a number of years, but last year I was working
    out with a friend in Hawaii who said you can soak chia in coconut water
    overnight and eat it for breakfast.”

    I’m not a world champ, but I can totally vouch for this. I soak rolled oats and chia in coconut water (or coconut milk) in a mason jar, and in the morning I add some fruit. It’s super easy and really tasty.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Slater!

  • Al

    I know he drinks almond milk so I’m guessing if he does eat dairy, it’s not often.

    • Bill

      Almond milk is not dairy.

      • brad coetzee

        Ffs. They are not saying its diary.

        • Guest

          Ob(li)vious Bill strikes again. 🙂

  • Andrew Mortlock

    If Slater had a daily blog of what he ate and the exercise he did, I reckon it’d be one of the top health websites on the internet.

    • Captain Surf

      100% agreed.

  • MermaidResearch

    Organic super foods direct from the source = maximum nutritional density. Mr. Slater knows whats up. Check out http://www.EssentialLivingFoods.com for the chronic.

  • But a lot of farmers/winemakers agree with me.

    And Slater hasn’t tweeted in over a year.

  • Chosenjosen

    Following the discussion of Captain Surf and Dharma Bum I want to say the following. We surf fans as a part of the public want the image Kelly (and the people who influence him) have created to be true. We want that healthy, extremly fit, socially and environmentally conscious guy. We want him to be a role model. The more critical ones of us scan for flaws. And actually you don’t have look very hard to find the basic problem.
    Kelly helps to sell products by advertising. The company(ies) he works for sure all have some programs which help to let them appear green, friendly and sustainable. I still bet that their main target is profit. I strongly believe that some of these programs are just a drop in the ocean.
    I hope Kelly can use his popularity to put in a helluva lot more drops. He has the slight chance to change parts of the system from within…

    • Jeff Byrnes

      The main target for ALL businesses is profit – just as it should be. No profit and you can forget the rest. What matters is how that profit is generated, how waste from a given venture is managed, how employees are treated and compensated. Superior ethics in business is possible (as is proven by many) but simply playing the cynic does nothing to help that process along.

      Taking the higher road requires diplomacy and tact, not just a high horse (actually, the high horse should be put to pasture).

  • Ben

    I second the opinions of the others, Mr. Slater: Would you ever be willing to post your weekly diet? I’m all for doing a human guinea-pig on myself with that information. Regarding the meat question, I read an interview where he stated that he quite enjoys ground bison and eats it at times, but often keeps it vegan.

  • zotya

    this is a hiddencommercial article

  • please INERTIA share his diet, how to combine food the way he does it, i mean, am i the only one waiting for this?, i dont think mr slater is hiding it as a secret, i think is jut nobody is asking

  • “On top of that, in 2003, my father died of cancer and I’ve had a lot of friends who have been either sick or died from a lot of diseases.”

    Sad to hear about Kelly’s dad passing away due to cancer. Who is there today that hasn’t lost a friend or a loved one to cancer? I was equally sad to see Kelly’s defender ‘The Source’ responded “He sure does…” to Johnny Bee’s question, “Do you eat meat Mr Slater?

    This shows me that a lot of people and a lot of surfers, Kelly included, should take a even harder look at what they eat. The first thing a doctor will tell a patient diagnosed with cancer is to stop smoking, stop consuming alcohol and stop eating meat [especially red meat]. And if stopping isn’t possible then seriously reduce…or your a deadman!

    So stands to reason that smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and eating meat aren’t healthy in the first place. Real food doesn’t kill people unless that is they have a serious allergy to a particular real food.

    In my fifty-one years of surfing [1963-2014] Kelly is my all-time favorite! I hope he lives and surfs to be a hundred. Cheers!

    • Scot Lyf


      It ain’t that simple. Meat and alcohol don’t cause the disease per se,… it’s the whole diet, of which meat and alcohol can be healthy parts of the diet. It’s a matter of quality and quantity and balance. The poison and benefit is in the dose, the quality of the substance.

      I know this through and through. All foods can be unhealthy, and basically all fundamental/traditional foods can be healthy, variable per person.

      Typical self generated diseases are basically a matter of inflammation management as to how to not get those diseases. Foods cause inflammation, as can other aspects of ones lifestyle. Minimize the inflammation by appropriate balance and you minimize the occurrence of disease.
      Btw, cooking/fire use has been a fundamental part of our genera’s evolution and development, not just our current species.

  • Jonjon Taka

    Dharma Bum : Quiksilver couldn’t care less about the environment, nor does Billabong. I worked at Quiksilver france headquarters very shortly (thankfully) and can attest to the fact it’s just part of their damage control strategy to avoid criticism and to look half descent. It’s a public company and they’re only liable to shareholders, which means whenever they can, they cut corners. Giving away tax deductible grants to charities doesn’t equate to caring for the environment; in fact even Monsanto and Exxon Mobile do it.

    As for Quiksilver, you’re probably aware they’re bed fellows with Monsanto… If you’re not, google “Quiksilver and Monsanto: bedfellows” and please spare the world this cheap propaganda on behalf of Quiksilver.

    Now that KS is no longer with Quiksilver, it’s harder to question his integrity when he marches against Monsanto in Haleiwa. Now the question is, is the Kering Group that he joined recently any better?

    Let’s see… The Kering Group is involved directly or indirectly in gold and diamond mining, massive number of killed animals (for fur and skin). They’re so good at PR and damage control they can distort reality and appear as a Group that cares deeply about the environment, biodiversity and animal cruelty. And Kelly will be another pawn in this PR machine.

    Conclusion: If KS really stood for what he believes deep down, he would have joined Patagonia…

  • Julie Doran

    I have severe Diveticulitis and have had part of my bowel removed due to this. So cant have skin seeds or nuts and am also a vegan. I have a lot of bowel problems so would love to hear of any help that anyone has for me. I love to eat well but am finding it harder and harder

  • Good nutrition is the foundation of all performance!

  • Sohum

    You said humans were not “meant to eat meat” BUT there is a reason we manufacture, store, and use several different proteolytic enzymes inside our bodies in various locations. I grew up as a vegetarian and lived with that diet for over 10 years. I agree with those that are advocating vegetarian/vegan lifestyles, but don’t use your scientific background as an explanation to justify your assertions when they are wrong.

    • Shaunt Halebian

      Aaaahahahahaha. First of all I’m not using a scientific background for assertions. Second, You throw out “proteolytic enzymes” and expect me to believe that the reason we’re supposed to eat meat. I don’t think you have any idea what overall function of enzymes are. News flash, it’s not just to break down meat. Keep googling science articles on the Internet. I’m sure they’re all correct.

  • Agustin Garcia Canales

    hey Kelly! thanks for shareing your point of view and tips on eating healthy! wish you the best, hope you can surf your life as heart driven as you do in the water! aloha

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