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Evan Geiselman just suffered a serious injury after a wipeout at Pipeline on the North Shore of O’ahu.

According to photographer Matt Hoffman, Geiselman was held under for a three-wave set after this barrel closed out on him. He was found unconscious by bodyboarder Andre Botha, and taken out of the water by surfer Mick Fanning and the North Shore lifeguards.

One witness said Botha found him floating face down in the water.

“He was lying eyes closed gasping for air like a fish out of water on the beach,” said The Inertia Associate Editor Dashel Pierson, who witnessed the wipeout. “It was a really scary moment. Every one on the beach was holding their breath praying that he was okay.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Geiselman family. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Sources say Geiselman is in critical condition. Photo: Pierson

Sources say Geiselman is in critical condition. Photo: Pierson

Evan Geiselman just suffered a terrible wipeout at Pipeline. Photo: Matt Hoffman/Gnarbox

Evan Geiselman just suffered a terrible wipeout on this wave at Pipeline. Photo: Matt Hoffman/Gnarbox

Mick Fanning drops his board to run to Evan Geislman's rescue. Photo: Matt Hoffman/Gnarbox

Mick Fanning drops his board to run to Evan Geislman’s rescue. Photo: Matt Hoffman/Gnarbox

  • K-Fr8

    May the Lord be with Evan and his family, right now. Keep those prayers coming…

    • Michael Soule

      Actually may the best medical attention be with him, praying doesn’t do crap, get real.

      • Joe Branton

        That doesn’t help either. Silence is golden

      • Antoosy Gootsia

        Boooohoooo I hate religion. Prayer is about the only thing one could do from a keyboard 1000 miles away(not that it’s what im doing).

        Well, prayer or cry about people praying……2 things to do from 1k miles away. This is to short for a debate on prayer but here’s something interesting….Even if prayer didn’t work in the way people think it does, it’s still considered intent from a person. Based on the things science is learning on the law of attraction and creating intent to help manifest reality, prayer might actually, ironically, work(in an extremely small way); not in the “god did it” way, but in the “enough mental manifestation to drive reality in a certain direction”.

        Not that it would be a make or break, but in the future maybe we find it had some SMALL help in the direction reality takes.

        Either way…are you taking a trip to provide medical aid to the surfer? or just throwing a piss fit because someone else decided to ask others to pray.

        Consciously it looks as though the people praying are doing way more than yourself.

      • Jill Dempsey

        That’s a classless comment in very poor taste. Keep your mouth shut & nobody will know what a jerk you are!

      • Oopkopdenker

        Why do you atheists always have to bring in negativity in even in positive thoughts? Surely it is the thought/support that counts.

        The medical attention is a given bru.

        • Roger Taylor

          As an atheist, I’d just like to point out that there are atheists who understand the intent and who aren’t are jackasses like Michael. I hope he gets better soon.

          • Oopkopdenker

            Cheers Roger! Thanks for that.

      • Yvonne Horak

        Would you have done this. Would you even be able to go and rescue someone. Would you face a shark mauling someone and fetch and assist that person ashore with a shark right there? NO? I thought so.

    • Scotty Avalos-Crusty Demons


  • Jill Dempsey

    Thx, Gabriel!

  • Nicola Stacey Jackson

    What has Mich Fanning got to do with this? Andre Botha dived down to find him, bring him to the surface and swim him most of the way back to shore before anyone else came close.

  • João Mendes

    Andre Botha was the hero of the day!! Funny such a small mention to the guy that probably was the diference between live and death of this surfer!

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  • LW

    Andre Botha swam over dived down and pulled Evan to the surface and then performed CPR while swimming him back to shore.

    Why then do so many articles (mostly Australian) actively downplay his instrumental role in saving Evan’s life and then throw in Mick Fanning’s name? Even more puzzling, at least one article mentions “…a bodyboarder got to him first…” and then continues on about “…shark attack survivor…” Mick Fanning helping lifeguards rescue Evan.

    Is it because Andre is a Bodyboarder? Is it because he’s South African? How can supposed professional media be either so completely ignorant or willfully biased? Perhaps it’s naive of me to expect journalism to be all about the truth.

    This article included… why is there a picture of Mick Fanning in this article? I know why, money. Since he punched a shark, every man, woman and child now knows his name and he’s become clickbait.

    And why hasn’t Mick done what Andre (needlessly) already has and downplay his role, if anyone should it’s him.

    Just when Andre Botha restores my faith in humanity, the media destroys it again…

    • Yvonne Horak

      Hundreds of South Africans have punched sharks and many risked their lives and swam out to help victims whilst the attack was ongoing and faced the shark themselves. Ev en bring victims back to shore with body parts missing and other bleeding profusely whilst sharks were circling.
      Acknowledge those that act immediately without even thinking of the dangers and their own lives.

  • Yvonne Horak

    Andre BOTHA was the guy that saved Evan. HE was the one that swam out, dived under and pulled him to the surface. HE performed the lifesaving CPR immediately until additional help arrived. MIKE FANNING should be big enough of a Sportsman to acknowledge this.

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