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I wanted to share my latest edit of Through The Lens. We had an amazing trip to Brazil for the 100K World Water Day project, where I met Alex Atala, world renowned chef and fellow clean water courier. His infectious energy and passion for life inspired us to make this short piece about him. I hope you enjoy it.


  • TheMediaTellsLies

    Water is fast becoming a defining factor in quality of life on this planet. Safe water needs to remain a necessity of life, not a privilege for the wealthy.

    Thanks Rob and Alex for being a part of what is good in the world 🙂

  • Alessandro Rubagotti

    wow water is life and fun…. i agree with ALL of your words…

  • Steven Flores

    The crew opened up a healthy world to the villagers.

  • naçãonoir

    Amazing Video!

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful video <3

    I would like to invite you to support "MeatFree Mondays Denmark" a part of a globale movement for spreading the message of Less Meat for a healthier and better world. As you surely know, 70 percent of clean water is being used in agriculture and a large part of it in Meat production, pls visit our FB site og support us in our mission for a better world and more clear water for everyone.

    With love and gratitude

    Noura M. Kindler

  • Prince Blackballs 82

    Radical Caring stuff Rob and Friends. I Am a Maori New Zealander from the tribe (Iwi) Ngati Wai which means people of the water from Pakiri Beach and Hauturu- Great Barrier Island many Generations back.
    H20 Is like money. I have always looked up to Rob, I am an x Auckland Champ GoldCoast Champ Palm Beach and would love to hangout surf n shut You down Bro, and cook You and Whanau (family) a hangy out Pakiri Beach some time so Your welcome to come hangout.
    My Younger Cusen has 2 Larry Birtamens tinnys from 70s Pipemasters and few other Golden Mals.
    From Pakiri Board Riders President.
    Aroha nui
    Kia kaha. Peace out
    Tahupotiki Gossage

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