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After a controversial and unprecedented Internet rally began last week via Reddit to make Lunada Bay, an historically localized surf spot in Palos Verdes, a friendlier place to beachgoers, the initiative has proceeded peacefully according to reports. News outlets, visiting surfers, spectators and police have also arrived on the scene to enjoy the waves and ensure the safety of those in attendance.

“Everyone can blame me for this. I don’t even care,” Christopher Taloa, who claims to be the event organizer, told KTLA. “As far as I’m concerned, there are so many people just in this neighborhood alone who want to surf here, and they can’t because they’re scared.”

At 2 PM, there were about 50 people on the beach and less than 10 people in the water.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth report.

Police at Lunada Bay

Police keeping the peace at Lunada Bay. Photo: Bill Parker


  • Anthony Clifton

    Amusing. But, it’s pretty obvious what the strategy will be here. Let everyone have this day or two and ignore it. After the cops and cameras go away it will be back to the same there.

    Also want to second a point made on Reddit. A lot of the culprits at that spot aren’t actually rich, entitled kids. They commute in from Pedro. In fact, the lesser known spots up the road in Pedro are localized too. Maybe more so.

    • nofway

      Those would be TCs and Japs.

      • Anthony Clifton

        Yep. I’ve seen rock throwing there too.

  • Rory Parker

      I would be too! get that sh!t outta my face!

      • many rivers

        Good shot too! Obviously well practiced…..

    • ConKiller

      Not Lunada!

    • Jeffrey Showalter

      That’s PV cove. I’d be annoyed too, if that thing were buzzing over my head while I’m trying to enjoy the beauty before/after a surf. Maybe not throw a rock, but I’d probably be annoyed.

  • Anthony Clifton

    It sounds like they continued to intimidate people even while the cops were there. So, doesn’t look like anything changed.

  • duckdive

    Let’s see some pics or video!

  • David Rockfield

    The questionably “well of mind” individual that organized it, went out, rode a boogie board without swim fins. Got a one foot wave after two hours of trying, got a basically unrideable wave far inside for the little kids to even bother with or to care about. He got washed up on the rocks after a 3 second ride of complete insignificance….

  • Guest

    And it’s that one little wave he caught after not backing down after a dozen or more guys in the water swarmed him that will make all the difference at this break from now on. We’re proud of Chris Taloa for taking a stand. He’s a great example for us all.

  • seldom seen smith

    These entitled PV brats expect to go surf other spots in California and beyond and still regulate Lunada the way they do. That’s the problem. They want this spot that breaks a few times a year, fine, let them have it. But they shouldn’t expect not to encounter problems when they travel outside of PV. Once their faces get known they should expect to encounter the same treatment elsewhere, and that’s what’s going to happen. And from what I’ve seen, that’s the consensus of the surf community at large.
    Know the background to the story before you comment. Taloa went out of his way to get them waves in HI, then was ‘vibed’ there. Respected them and got hostility in return. Tell ya one thing, once pics start to surface, they’ll get no waves if they show up in my neck of the woods.
    Much respect Chris Taloa.

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