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Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton. Photo: ASP/Robertson

October 31, 2003, Ha’ena, Kauai, Hawaii

She had been leading a daredevil life for weeks now. And in the end, She had no idea the trouble she was getting herself into. Swimming beneath the moon, swimming beneath the radar, but swimming. Always swimming. Starving with need. Patrolling the reefs for opportunity, for blood and for flesh. Swinging her massive, square head with the regularity of a metronome, propelling her 14 feet of girth and mass through the depths with effortless power. With Her ragged, fourteen-inch dorsal fin breaking the surface, she had been bumping into surfers for weeks now. Testing them, feeling their fear, waiting for her time. They seemed such easy prey. Slow, awkward, lounging on the surface like something sick. And now, it was in her path, it was time. Another was here, apart from the rest. Alone and weak. And this one looked so small and frail.
She approached her prey from the side, taking her time, timing the strokes of the thin, pale arm that dipped off the surfboard in a slow rhythm of bubbles. 20 feet…10 feet…five feet…and with one last savage kick of her great tail she opened her jaws in a ragged yawn and took the thin freckled arm in her mouth. She clamped down with over 16 tons of sawing pressure. As her teeth met, she effortlessly plucked the thing from the body that once owned it.

The bite was so clean and painless that Bethany Hamilton, 13, noticed that the sea had turned red before she realized that her arm was gone at the shoulder. A strange serenity came over her, a warmth, as her body began to scream its outrage. Spurting a deep, rich, burgundy colored blood, She struggled over to her best friend, Alana Blanchard, also thirteen, and could only manage the words: I think a shark just attacked me. Alana told her to not even joke of such matters. Then Alana eyes saw something that her mind couldn’t grasp. The bleeding stump where her best friend’s left arm used to be. Alana’s stomach revolted and purged twice before she called for her father and her brother who were paddling for a nearby wave…

Imagine the dilemma of Hoyt Blanchard, 45, who was now almost a half mile offshore with his son, his daughter, a profusely bleeding and gravely injured Bethany Hamilton and a large, dangerous shark somewhere below the blue mirror to the sky. After struggling to apply a tourniquet with his rash guard, he now had an impossible decision to make. Should he send his children on ahead, across the deep lagoon, to keep them away from a bleeding Bethany? And if so, how could he protect them if he did? Should he keep them close? Where at least he imagined he could put himself between them and the shark should it return for Bethany? For one brief moment he even thought of slitting his own wrists on the ragged edge of Bethany’s board and slipping into the sea to await his fate while the other three made for shore. He had no time to deliberate. He made his decision on instinct. Keep the family close, face the danger together.

He instructed his daughter to keep talking to a quickly fading Bethany while he and his son rigged her surf leash and began dragging her to shore.

Cheri Hamilton, mother of Bethany, who had yet to see her daughter, was driving so fast behind the ambulance that the cops pulled her over. Frantic, it wasn’t until the ambulance driver called back to the cops with a radio that they let Cheri go. As she mashed the accelerator to the floor, a call came in on her cell phone. It was Hoyt Blanchard. Cheri asked him how badly Bethany was hurt. The conversation went like this:

Hoyt: You mean you don’t know?

Cheri: Know what?

Hoyt: Cheri…her arm is gone.

Cheri: (Long Pause) Gone where?

Tom Hamilton, Bethany’s father, was just about to be put under for a knee operation at the small local hospital when he was informed that the doctors need the table he was on for an emergency. There had been a shark attack on a young girl at Makua Beach. His heart sank. He knew he had only a fifty fifty chance, since Bethany and Alana were the only little girls on the island with the guts enough to surf the place. He got up and stood in the hallway as the victim was being wheeled into the hospital. He held his breath, he would know in a second. Alana had dark brown hair, Bethany was almost white blond. As the gurney turned the corner all the air in his chest disappeared.

The hair was blond.

It has been widely stated that the tiger shark’s characteristic serrated tooth shape and grotesquely powerful jaws have evolved for specialized feeding on large sea turtles–sea turtles whose shell cannot be split with an axe. Called the Hyena of the sea, the Tiger Shark strikes with a sawing motion of its bottom jaw against the bone razorblades of the top jaw. Known as the most deadly bite of any shark, Bethany’s arm was removed so cleanly, with such precision and efficiency that the operating doctor, upon first seeing the wound, was confused. He wanted to know who the son of a bitch was that had amputated without his permission…

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  • Stu

    Do you think a shark is full after eating a human arm?

  • brenton

    heavy, and extremely well written.

  • Becky

    Pretty f****ed and over dramatic. A shark hunts for its food, it injured someone that came into its habitat… so you kill it for what? Revenge? The animal didn’t have any ill intent, just instinct. ‘Testing them, feeling their fear, waiting for her time.’ It wasn’t a serial killer. Humans are the only animals truly capable of evil.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel terrible for what happened to Bethany, but killing the shark really served no sensible purpose.

    • Guest

      I agree.  It was a horrible accident and nothing more.  I really wish people would be less ignorant about sharks so others can start to appreciate and understand.

    • well, as far as I know they kill sharks that attacked people not because of revenge… but to avoid future attacks.. since it kind of “found food here”…

      Since human meat is not the shark’s favorite meal…it was not trying to kill her, it bite her, “realized” that she wasn’t a seal or…sea lion.. and didn’t try to “eat the rest”… but it’s out there, with its teeth and all, you know?

      and, think for a moment if Bethany was your daughter or sister… would you hug the shark, and: “oh, that’s ok, she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, her fault”

      last thing: Bethany herself is involved with non-governmental organizations that protect sharks from “shark haters and fishers”, you know? 🙂

    • tracie

      Dear Jesus…forgive me but becky, you sound like a fool. That poor girl with a beautiful heart and soul NEVER said a bad word about that shark…she was doing a sport she loved and was with friends and yes,the shark did what sharks do…but really? You sound like a fool. It was destroyed ad it had been a prior concern and to save future lives. Noone should feel bad about that. Bethany was a great child/teen that spent her free time in the ocean she loved doing an activity and sport she was blessed to love and if it were your child or the place your childs sport as well as many other peoples water sports were actively used for,wouldnt you as a responsible adult/parent/and general human being take any precaution necessary to rid an already problematic predator from MANY people,young and old, from obvious harm? It was not destroyed just because….so please remember that and pray that you never have a child almost fatally injured doing a beautiful sport….in days when young teens are so torn between doing good and living a happy and healthy Godly life or having to fend off the peer pressures of drugs etc. I love all Gods creations and i believe He will forgive destroying the shark and i also believe the Lord is greatly pleased with the amazing young woman,Bethany,that He saved. She is a miracle and a wonderful example of human strength and the super power of Gods love.

      • Tamara

        I disagree and believe much like Becky. I am a Christian as well and have respect for all of God’s creatures. The shark did not knock on anyone’s door and bite them. You enter the water , you take the risk. Absolutely no need to hunt and killed the shark for doing what God created it to do. You don’t want to be bitten? Then stay out of the water. Common sense .

      • Dave M

        Tracie, you have no clue about reality and the way the Earth works. Humans are one small part of the Earth’s history. We die, just like dinosaurs and other beings die everyday. The Earth goes on. Nothing more important than the other. Because that works and is how this planet has been since us as humans can even begin to think about as far as time is concerned and life. Without facts and science, we would still be believeing all the crazy and dumbs theories of the people that tried to convince everyone that they KNEW where we are, who we are, and why, and our history. Let me ask you this. Do you know why life exists? Do you know what all this means? Can you truly explain a human being and its magical existence? Can you explain the sun, what it is, why it exists? How about consciousness? How about spirituality? How about life and death? Based on facts of course. Not bullshit make believe stories that have zero base or facts or proof? Can you? I didn’t think so. So go take a hike and please don’t comment when you have nothing to add. What you’ve added here is worthless and a waste of all of our collective time. You don’t know anything about anything. So please refrain from trying to sound smart when you aren’t. Plus, you are not solving or helping anything with your narrow-minded, simple-minded thoughts and beliefs. You are such the sad example of the clones that live on Earth that respond with moronic, stupid, baseless comments about the Earth, existence, and time and life that you don’t know anything about. You are a disgrace to human kind with your tunnel vision. You need a lot of help to open your mind and see things as they truly are and enjoy the mysteries of life. Stop being such a boring worthless human, cloned in behavior and belief like everyone else. Be an individual for once in your short, fun, scary, mysterious life!

        Im sorry but if you die, it doesn’t matter. Same as if I die. So what. The Earth goes on, nothing changes, the Sun is still there and life will go on without you or me.

        • Wow. That was harsh. This is a forum for people to share their opinions, is it not? Tracie didn’t harm anyone by sharing hers and has every right to do so without being subjected to hateful insults and pompous personal attacks. You may think she’s ridiculous but she didn’t lower herself to name calling and condescension. I think the way we treat others, especially those who oppose us, speaks more to who is “a disgrace to human kind” (sic).

  • bethany

    i feel teribble for her my dad said if a shark did that to me ……. he would beat it with the board
    sense less i would do the same thing to the shark that bit bethany.

    they killed the shark because it mit have biten another persons arm off  so u get my point

  • disqus_ACPqKqGXFY

    hi bethany my name is jessie woods i come from auckland i am so good you are ok i saw the movie of it it was good it sad that your arm gone froma a shak have a good day i am 14 year old now went the shak got you it was in 2003 i was 4or5

  • disqus_ACPqKqGXFY

    hi good ok ok

  • hannahbananacupcake

    Don’t die Bethany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timothy Rigney

    Not sure the “artistic/creative” tone of the description of the shark attack itself was really appropriate, to be honest. It embellishes a lot and I feel it gives too poetic a tone to an incident that was, honestly, ultimately simple. A shark saw her, people are food to sharks, it took her arm off. Honestly, there wasn’t anything more to the incident itself. I feel it’s not right to turn it into that kind of “poetry.”

    • Timothy Rigney

      And by the way – *just* something to consider and possibly learn from – – read the article *closely* – it touches on a tiny little detail that the movie seems to have intentionally avoided: The shark was known to have been “harassing” surfers in that specific location for weeks now. The implications are unmistakable as is the lack of oversight. *Not* to be judgmental; just something to learn from. People are human – they make mistakes – and apparently there WAS a mistake made. More than one mistake actually, by more than one person. Just something to think about.

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