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Earlier in the year I was stuck in a cyclone in Fiji whilst shooting the latest Rip Curl “My Bikini” range with Alana Blanchard, and we survived to tell the tale. It turns out that both Alana and her bikinis are cyclone proof.

As the most Googled surfer on the planet, most people seem to take Alana on face value, but I really like showing people that she is more than just a swimwear model. I really think that these clips do just that. She has a beautiful surfing style and is one of the most hilarious people to hang around. And she charges, proven by the fact she has just re-qualified for the World Tour.

“I’ve been on the WCT twice before in my career, and I’m excited to be back for a third campaign,” says Alana. “This time around, I definitely feel more comfortable about being a part of the Top 17 surfers in the world. I’m a bit more mature and more used to the travel, so I really like my time at contests.”

Learn more about Alana Blanchard’s collaboration with Rip Curl here.

  • clay

    Clare, Please remove the clip, send it to the trashy mags/websites and keep The Inertia about surfing. Just ask your editor what he thinks about this;

  • clay

    Clare, Please remove the clip, send it to the trashy mags/websites and keep The Inertia about surfing. Just ask your editor what he thinks about this;

  • wyatt

    “When I met her I was like, ‘There is NO WAY she’s a pro surfer. I thought she was one of the other models!'” – Thank you for tagging all other females pros as total dogs. Progressive stuff.

    Also, make sure to follow Alana on Twitter. She tweets pictures of her own butt at an average rate of 4 per week. She’s really funny and super humble.

  • BH

    She’s clearly beautiful and this video shows she has personality but it contains 1 sec of her surfing. What’s that about?
    Is it because she’s actually a really boring surfer?
    Did Rip Curl pay for this to be put up so we all go buy bikinis so we too can look like Alana and dream about living her lifestyle? I mean who is this video for exactly??

    I’m not the surf mag/media demographic (I’m not a young male) but it’s still disappointing that Alana’s butt gets all the attention and videos and pictures of women actually surfing are few and far between in the media.

    This is supposed to be an attempt to show that there’s more to Alana than her “face”but it shows nothing of her surfing abilities and the only claim that she “charges” is that she’s on the WCT. Maybe she’s on the WCT because she can (kinda) surf and she has sponsorship (from her bikini shoots) rather than because she actually “charges”?

    Post a video link if you have evidence to the contrary. Please.

  • SCS

    Wow – The Inertia, your stock in the women’s surf world just took a massive nose dive. I value the publication for being a bit beyond the main industry-ad-driven press, but this two paragraph “article” plus a promo video for Rip Curl ass is nothing but that.

    I took the time to watch it thinking it would actually change my view of Alana and her role in the women’s surf world, but I fail to see how the video does anything to show that she is more than a swimwear model? (as noted by other readers, where is the surfing?) What point exactly were you trying to make? At least provide some commentary that supports the conclusion that this was worth a watch and shows something about SURFING, and not about cute bikini butts.

    I am not really dissing Alana here, as much as just saying “since when does The Inertia run Rip Curl promos?” I hope you guys got paid.

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